About Joe

Joe KernanAloha,
I live in Honolulu with my wife, daughter and our dog Huai Huai (it means “bad boy” in Chinese)

In my earlier life I was a soldier in the US Army. Later I became a special education teacher and consultant in special education for many years.

The Army is what first brought me to Hawaii. I fell in love with these islands and can’t imagine living anywhere else.  These days, my wife, Shirley and I operate a vacation rental business in Waikiki.

Shirley also has a business sourcing products from China. She has relationships with dozens of factories there.

I first came to Wealthy Affiliate in order to build my first website.  We started out just focused on getting bookings for our vacation rentals.  But once I joined WA, I was inspired to build something much more useful to our guests. Shirley and I are very proud of our growing site. We’ve even added a sub-domain in Chinese!

We love our vacation website, but we have a lot of other interests as well.   I’m really fascinated by the increasing pace of change in the world these days.  I’ve noticed that more and more people are having a hard time coping.  Some are being completely left behind.  That’s why I’ve starting work on this website as a resource for anyone who is looking for searching for ways to keep up, and even prosper, during the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Please leave me a comment if you have any questions, corrections or suggestions for future posts.  We really appreciate any feedback you have.  You can also contact me at joe@what-skills-pay-bills.com

Or, you can find me where I learned everything I needed in order to build both of my sites.  Wealthy Affiliate (the name sort of sounds like a get rich quick scheme -it’s not!) provides tools, training, and a community of support for folks interested in staring an online business (here’s my profile at Wealthy Affiliate).

Joe Kernan