Wealthy Affiliate – What Is It?

How I found Wealthy Affiliate

I’d like to talk about my own experience discovering Wealthy Affiliate.  I thought I’d accidentally stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate, but now I know that’s not exactly true.  Someone actually targeted me…it’s true and I’ll tell you how.

Have you ever bought anything online?  Of course you have, probably many times; or at least I really hope so.  Assuming you have, think back to the last few times you made a big purchase online.  You didn’t just buy from the first site you found.  You did your research.  Your doing research now, even if you have no intention of buying, you are learning about Wealthy Affiliate.

That’s how I came across Wealthy Affiliate.  I’d set up a site on Wix a couple of years ago.  My wife and I have properties in Waikiki that we list on Airbnb,  HomeAway, and a couple of other sites.  We thought it would be great to have our own site where guests could book with us directly.  We could offer a lower price with what we’d save on the fees and commissions the big travel sites charge.

Great idea, but nobody came.  Wix made it very easy to set up an attractive website.  There might have been some mention of something called SEO.  I filled in some keywords, and two years later, we had no bookings on our site.  Wix customer support was excellent, but they are just a website builder.  Just because you build it DOES NOT mean they will come.  My wife and I decided we would shut down the website; it just wasn’t worth it.

It was the month before our domain at Wix was about to expire.  I received an email from an “affiliate marketing guru”.  I had subscribed to his newsletter some time ago, I can’t remember why.  I’d never really paid attention to his emails, but hadn’t bothered to unsubscribe.  I wasn’t even clear about what “affiliate marketing” really is.

This time I decided to take a closer look at this guy’s pitch.  The emails weren’t spam; I’d subscribed, and he only sent them out about once a month.  Still the content of the emails seemed sketchy.  It seemed like a get rich quick scheme.

So finally, I decided to do my research.  I typed in the name of this “affiliate guru” and the word “scam” into my search engine.  Bingo, I got a hit.  On the first page I found a site with a review of the guru’s program.  I don’t want to get into naming names, so I’m just going to call the website Review Site W.

On Review Site W, I learned that the guru’s program is not really a scam, but also that it’s not going to get you rich quick.  The review was balanced and presented the pros as well as the cons of the guru’s program.  Review Site W also featured reviews for other products and services related to online businesses, including Wealthy Affiliate.

Review Site W was thorough.  I found reviews for several different programs and products.  Wealthy Affiliate ranked at the top, but there were detailed reviews for several other products and services related to online marketing.  Thinking about my own website languishing on Wix, I had an inkling that maybe there was hope for our online efforts after all.

Here’s is what I meant when I said that I was targeted.

That day when I typed in the name of the “affiliate guru” and the word “scam” into my search engine, I wasn’t the first, nor the last to search for that particular string of words.  It turns out that a lot of people are searching of the same things every day.  Some folks are checking for scams, while others are looking for recipes.  Every second of every day, tens of millions of people are searching for reliable information about everything from airfares to Zumba classes.  Search engines like Google and Bing keep track of all these searches.  This is how Google can provide those predictive search suggestions as you type.

Google Predictive Search

Before writing their review of the affiliate guru, someone at Review Site W spent time researching the “keywords” related to affiliate marketing.  They must have found that, each day, dozens, maybe hundreds of people search for this guru’s name and the word scam.

With this information, Review Site W had found it’s target.  The target was me and all of the other people who want to check if this affiliate guru is legit.

So, what did I do?

Cutting to the chase, I decided to take a closer look at Wealthy Affiliate.   Review Site W provided detailed reviews of several programs designed to help people create online businesses.  I looked at the reviews for their top two or three rated programs.  Wealthy Affiliate was at the very top of the list; I was a bit skeptical though.  The name “Wealthy Affiliate” seemed a little cheesy; like another “get rich quick” scheme.

Still the review had a lot to say about the unique features of Wealthy Affiliate, in particular, the extensive training and support provided to members, including unpaid starter members!

I decided to risk $0 and join Wealthy Affiliate as a starter member.  It was easy; they don’t take any credit-card info for the starter membership, so you don’t have to worry about any future unexpected charges.

What I found

I was blown away.  Wealthy Affiliate provides extensive training.  If you know nothing about creating or running an online business, that’s okay.  Wealthy Affiliate has active members of all age and skill levels and clear step by step training for everyone.  They provide training in every aspect of setting up and running an online business, from building a website to bringing visitors to your site.

With a week I was able to totally revamp my original Wix website and move it over to Wealthy Affiliate.  There were several technical challenges involved in making the move, but it went pretty smoothly, due to the great support from the Wealthy Affiliate community.

My Original Tropicus Home site on Wix

My Original Tropicus Home site on Wix — Click to see what my site looks like now!

Here’s an image of my the original Wix site. When I built it, I thought it looked pretty good.  But compared to what I’ve built at Wealthy Affiliate, it looked amateurish.  I don’t mean to knock the site building capabilities at Wix; they’re great and easy to use.  But they just don’t have any one who is willing to look at your site and tell you, “Hey, that looks great, but maybe you should lose the teal background.”

The real beauty of Wealthy Affiliate is that it’s truly a community.  We’ve all heard of the power of crowd-sourcing.   Instead of  learning from a single “guru” who may seem to have all the answers, the founders of Wealthy Affiliate have managed to build a platform that allows all of its members to contribute and to learn from each other.  Wealthy Affiliate is the only site doing this.  There is nothing else like it; I’ve looked.

And even newbies like me can contribute.  I’m still learning a lot of the technical aspects, but I can help others, by giving my input on their sites, just like they did for me (and still do!) when I first joined.  Here’s what my site looks like today: tropicushome.com.

Pay it forward is a mantra at Wealthy Affiliate and that’s why I felt so immediately comfortable there.  The idea that we all help each other to succeed is truly powerful.  You can see “pay it forward”in action all over Wealthy Affiliate, like in their Live Chat feature.

Live Chat on Wealthy Affiliate

Live Chat on Wealthy Affiliate

But it’s not all rainbows and unicorns!  This is reality.  Unlike other sites designed to help users build an online business, the folks at Wealthy Affiliate don’t sugarcoat things.  No one at Wealthy Affiliate has ever told me I will get rich overnight.  In fact, from the very beginning, one of the founders made it clear that “Success is not an event.”  Instead, Kyle said that success is cumulative, that each step we take today, tomorrow, and the next day build on the steps that came before.  All of these steps combined, contribute to future success.

Okay, they have great training and a supportive community.  That sounds nice…Anything else?

Wealthy Affiliate provides powerful tools for building your site.

  • WordPress – A powerful, yet easy to use website builder.  Over 26% of sites on the Web are WordPress sites.
  • Rapid Writer – Wealthy Affiliates own online word-processor.   It’s a great tool for drafting posts or just saving ideas for future use.
  • Keyword tool – This awesome tool helps you to find the best key words to get your site ranked well on Google and other search engines.
    Keyword tool on Wealthy Affiliate

    Keyword tool on Wealthy Affiliate

Here’s what comes with Wealthy Affiliate Hosting:

  • WordPress optimized servers
  • The most secure hosting anywhere
  • Daily backups
  • Custom Domain Emails
  • 24/7 Site health monitoring
  • Secure website auto login
  • For Premium members – State of the Art, Unlimited Cloud Hosting


Support at Wealthy Affiliate is unparalleled.  If you have a question, there are always other members willing to help.  Not only that, the founders Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson, seem to spend all of their time on the site, answering questions and just being helpful.


I’ve listed a lot of pros, how about some cons. I can think of just a few.

  1. The name; “Wealthy Affiliate” has a “Get Rich Quick” ring to it.  It turned me off a bit from the start.
  2. At first I received a ton of email.  Until I found the email settings, every time anyone I follow posted anything, I’d get an email sent to me.
  3. While all the official WA the training is top notch, there is the occasional member who will post less polished training.
  4. Starting out, it can feel like information overload.  I dealt with this simply by using the structure of the lessons.  I just started with lesson one of the certification course and moved on from there.


Wealthy Affiliate provides all tools and services need to run your business.  There is no other online business platform that provides so much.  If you are even considering starting an online business (or if you already have a site on a different platform), I highly recommend you give Wealthy Affiliate a try.  Start with a free account.  If you are like me (and tens of thousands of others) you will see the value right away.


Pure and simple.  Just two price points: $0 for Starter Members /$49 for Premium Members.  I highly recommend you take advantage of the free starter membership.  It’s a great, zero risk, way to find out if Wealthy Affiliate is right for you.  They don’t even ask for credit card info.


If you upgrade to the premium membership within the first 7 days, you will receive the”action takers” bonus

☆ You will be getting a discount of 59% for your first month premium membership($19)

☆☆ You will also get the “Diamond Traffic Bonus”, a list of 250 LOW Competition Keywords

WealthyAffiliate.com Membership Options

WealthyAffiliate.com Membership Options









6 Replies to “Wealthy Affiliate – What Is It?”

    1. Aloha Francis, Yes, I’ve been in Hawaii for thirty years and I love it. My love for Hawaii is really what inspired me to build my first site at WA. Now, since joining Wealthy Affiliate, I’ve started two other sites including this one. The folks at WA have shown me how lucrative AND fun it can be to build websites that really offer something that people want.

  1. I joined Wealthy Affiliate too as a complete newbie and I thought I’d be heading into a right technical challenge but that’s not the case at all. What I did require however was proper training which Wealthy Affiliate deliver with outstanding credentials and help & support.
    You can ask away on each training module, receive instant answers through their live chat box and write out more detailed questions for the whole community. I’m always quite taken aback with how many responses from members offering help, even the founder members step in.
    I couldn’t ask for any more.
    Great review,

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