WiX Is Paving the way for Wix

WiX is definitely paving the way for its parent company Wix. For the uninformed, WiX is a highly functional platform for developing websites and accompanying web pages. With its parent company also named Wix, WiX has really become a favorite tool of web designers in the past few years.

A cloud-based platform, WiX was created about twelve years ago by a group of Israeli visionaries. Their names are Giora Kaplan, Navdav Abrahimi, and Avishai Abrahimi. Following the successful creation of the platform, it didn’t take long for the company to take off.

WiX started with an open beta release in the initial stages. That was in 2007 and the whole process was done on an Adobe Flash platform. It did not really take long for WiX to blow up as a credible web development platform. By 2010 it had built up a user base of three million people. Funding came quickly and its parent company, Wix, was promptly rewarded with Series A backing. This funding was made available by Mangrove Capital Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners. It amounted to over five million dollars.

Since then Wix has got investments from a variety of venture capital firms including FortVision, Benchmark and DAG Ventures.

Today WiX is one of the most popular web development platforms out there. Perhaps this is because of its easy-to-use drag and drop interface. It is also

available in nine different languages making it a favorite for some 110 million people out there.

Over 22 million sites make use of WiX while it also has 2.9 million confirmed paid subscribers; a fact that has lead to the impressive net worth of the company that created the ground-breaking software. Wix is worth a staggering 672 million dollars with revenue totalling 290 million dollars. This figure has been put to good use in the market. The company has been very busy in the market acquiring a small number of startup software applications to boost its user interface and plugin functionality.

It started with Appixia. Appixia is used to develop mCommerce apps. Later that same year OpenRest (which was designed to provide solutions in the form of online orders and delivery for restaurant and food chains) was acquired. Up next was Moment.me which is perhaps its biggest coup. Moment.me is a huge marketing tool, especially on social media. The last major acquisition was the capturing of DeviantArt. DeviantArt is an online community of sorts for artwork, videography, fashion and photography enthusiasts.

Since breaking out with its web development software, Wix as a company has added a few more notches to its belt in the form of other apps. A few of its most popular app offerings include WiX ShootOut and WiX Music. WiX ShoutOut can be used to send periodic messages straight to users directly from your WiX website. WiX Music, on the other hand, apart from being a terrific music player, allows users to upload and sell their music.

Today WiX is used by top companies including Logixal, Atlas Investors LLC, and Workzmarter Ltd. At this rate, it definitely won’t be long before Wix becomes a billion dollar company.


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